Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012.06.06 Wednesday

I had a crazy dream this morning.   I was at work in a lab working on fixing a chip that a customer wanted made a certain way.  We had a big table with an overreaching arm above it.  There was a box at the end of the arm, centered above the table by about 4 feet or so.  We were using a laser-injection technique to change the physical characteristics of the chip, post-manufacturing.  (This is all hypothetical, I don't know if we even have the technology to do what I am describing, let alone working on semiconductors at this level of detail.)  It had something to do with the circuitry that drove the actual pins coming out of the chip not being able to handle what the customer needed.  I went in there, without safety glasses, which was freaking me out because at the very least I needed something to protect from the laser part.  Well the people working on the chips were using multiple laser blasts (it was a pretty purple laser) in quick succession, then the chip would start cracking and warping.  Obviously they were using too high energy laser, and too quickly because the heat wasn't dissipating. I tried to interrupt their work and fix the problems, but then BEEP BEEP BEEP 

I woke up.  No satisfaction of fixing that problem.  Wait... I don't have that problem.

Work was a toss-up again.  Took a break in the middle of it all to play vball.  Today we had 5 people; it was awesome, lots of great hits, just playing for the fun of the game.

Left work late again, but no weight training this time.  Thought about stopping by Plucker's on the way home to watch the Spurs game with the groomsmen, but decided against it.  Every time I start watching a team this far along in the season, they crumble while I am watching.  Better not push it.

Went home, changed clothes, then started working on the cupcake project.  Tons of painting.

Stopped working late, then fixed myself dinner, then went to bed.

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