Friday, April 20, 2012

2012.04.15 Sunday

My cousin did a 10mile race today.  Pretty impressive!  The race

I met up with Kelc for some Torchy's, then we went to see some houses with a Realtor.  Pretty sure anything is going to be better than the house we saw yesterday.

There is a lot of things to note for the six houses we saw.  I am going to be lazy and not type out anything in particular unless someone asks.

We grabbed some Dairy Queen to discuss everything afterwards.  Essentially, we both agree that 3 stand out on top from the rest.  The way I rank my top 3 differs from how Kelc ranks it.  I also am having a hard time balancing the pros and cons from each one to really pick out what is better.  Ugh.

Then we stopped by Torchy's (again) so I could get some food.

Home, winding down for the work week.

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