Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012.04.05 Thursday

Actually got a decent amount of sleep last night.

Today at work, we are celebrating a fellow co-worker's departure.  He is moving on to bigger and better things for a company that he isn't sure what the work is going to be like.  To celebrate, we are going to Seadragon for a delicious buffet meal.

After lunch, I was pretty tired.  It seemed like a perfect time to take a nap, but then I had to deal with some issues and things, while being super groggy.  Good times.

After work I went for a bike ride.  This time around, I wanted to work on getting my pace up, not necessarily going a longer distance.  Previous rides have been about the 6.5 minute/mile pace; this time around I got that down to 5.75 minute/mile.  Not surprisingly, my average bpm was higher since my legs were pumping away, but my peak heart rate didn't hit as high so I think that is good.

Back home, ate some chicken fried steak and two kinds of mashed potatoes, then cleaned up the mess.

Not much time left in the evening for anything else.  Tried going to bed early.

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