Monday, December 26, 2011

2011.12.24 Saturday - H-town

X-mas eve is already upon us. The plan for today: drive to Houston to meet up with family for the holiday.

First up was grandma's (my mom's mom for those that were wondering). My sister and her fiance drove separately, so the rest of us just took one vehicle. I played some N64 games along the way there, and once we arrived. We were some of the first to arrive because we actually left early, even though we lived the farthest away. Not much long after we arrived, everybody was feasting on all kinds of delicious foods.

Everybody else was getting prepared for an evening church journey, but we diverged and went to my aunt's (my dad's sister). There we had a mini feast of lots of finger foods, and were able to talk and get caught up with each other's lives.

Drove home and chatted with my dad about various things to stay awake, then home and quickly to sleep.

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