Saturday, December 3, 2011

2011.12.03 Saturday

Woke up to help Habs with some ethernet drops. It took me a while to really wake up. We were standing around in his house coming up with a strategy, and I was kind of staring off into space.

The Time Warner guy that came over was rather helpful and nice. He set up everything quickly, and verified everything was working before leaving. Cool guy.

We climbed around, contorted, cut, drilled, fished, coughed, yelled, punched, yanked, and tested. Not all in that order. The first run ended up working right away, the second one did not because I accidentally sliced a little too far when taking off the jacket of the cable. I think Ray may remember this from our network class in high school, but wiring up network cable can be tedious and frustrating, or it can just magically work. It's a crap chute.

Grabbed some Torchy's for a meal. Delicious.

The other plans for the day for Habs and Taylor was to paint the first coat. I helped out and did some of the edge work and masking. My arms were pretty tired at the end.

Home late. Crashed.

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