Monday, December 12, 2011

2011.12.10 Saturday

I turned on the TV expecting to see some college football, then realized that the season is pretty much over. Bowls are already picked out. Instead, I finished up season 7 of Smallville.

First part of the day, I spent doing some consolidation and clean up of my computer. I use a handful of techniques and tools to figure out if I have duplicates, or a lack of duplicates.

Met up with Hab's and his dad at Rudino's Sports Bar to watch the soccer game, and grab some grub. I had been to Rudino's before, but the sports bar part was new to me. Pretty neat and cozy little place.

Went over to Hab's to see what was wrong with his computer. I don't really know how to explain this, but he flipped a breaker and shut down his computer, then after turning on the breaker it wouldn't turn back on, then he swapped PSUs, then took out the battery on the motherboard... then it worked. Not sure why the battery makes a difference. I'm so confused.

Took a little trip to Home Depot for some odds and ends.

Went home, did some Ab Ripper X and scarfed down some scrambled protein.

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