Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011.11.12 Saturday - Garage Sale

Woke up early to set up for the neighborhood-wide garage sale. Sold nothing. More like "garage fail", am I right?

UT lost. Disappointment #2 of the day.

Picked up some chik-fil-a on the way home. Not much longer after, and I was on my way over to Habibi's potential future house to take some measurements. Put that in sketchup for maximum planning ability.

Played some L4D2. Then decided to try something a little different. Since I have access to some P90X videos, I thought I'd give the "Ab Ripper X" a try. Oh boy, I am not in good enough shape to do most of these exercises. Apparently that is ok though, the goal is to stick with it and you'll start seeing yourself able to complete more and have better form. I also did some of the stretch video, then Kelc came over and put an end to my fitness party.

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