Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011.11.05 Saturday

Slept in, and woke up to some texts flying around. Today shall be Costco day. I drove south to meet up with Mark and Nadia to begin the Costco adventure.

Surprisingly, it wasn't very busy at the store. We grabbed lunch there, and had samples around every corner.

Back home, watched the tail-end of the UT vs Texas Tech game. To my surprise, we were whipping Tech pretty good.

Goofed around for a few hours, then headed over to Mark/Nadia's to watch the LSU vs Alabama game (number 1 vs number 2). They cooked up some exquisite cuisine. I thought it was delicious, and Kelc enjoyed it as well which is surprising because of the level of spice.

Back home for a bit, then over to Paul's to meet up with friends that had just finished seeing the Paul Simon concert.

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