Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011.11.11 Friday

Ah yes, a day off. What shall I do with it?

Breakfast consisted of some experimental egg cooking. I tried some frying with bacon grease. It went okay. After that I went for a haircut at what used to be Too Hotties, now it's called Cowboy Cuts or something weird. They play country music over the stereo and don't have as many TVs. Also my discount is effectively nullified. Overall still a decent experience, some scalp, face and neck massages included in the cut.

At home I washed my car. It really needed it.

Kelc and her sister invited me out to a movie, Like Crazy. That turned into 6 people with Habs and Taylor, myself and Kelc, Korey and her mom. Pretty sure Habs and myself were 2 of maybe 8 males in the theatre, with 60 females. Not bad at all. The movie was... interesting. The ending was a bit frustrating, but I could see how the writers probably planned that to reflect on how frustrating a relationship can be. There was also some patrons around us that would whisper or gasp at certain things on screen at certain times, and not others, leading me to believe they are hypocrites.

Mark came over to drop of goods for the garage sale. Then I played games and went to bed.

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