Friday, January 22, 2010

2010.01.22 Friday

Ahh got to sleep in today. What shall I do today? Hmm....take care of junk like insurance and paperwork.

Took a shower then headed off to Arlington for the weekend.

Dinner in Arlington: Simply Fondue. Just as I expected, the coupon that Kelcey found for this place was alright, but nothing as spectacular as the final bill. We had a salad (I was the only one that didn't get caesar), cheese fondue (didn't have much of this because it was super-beer flavored), then had our own meat entrees (garlic and jerk chicken were delicious, the peppered beef was just ok), and a bailey's chocolate fondue (the girls scarfed this one down). The place was really emo/vampire designed. I guess that is associated with French, but it was weird being one of the handful of couples there. I agree with the girls on this suggestion: it's a good place to go for a leisure yet fancy dessert.

Afterward, we were considering going out for a movie, but the selection looked rather weak, so we went back and watched I Am Legend on blu-ray. Kelc's new tv displayed the movie quite well. As a snack I ate some of my guacamole. I can't decide if I really like the recipe, or if I've eaten too much in the past week.

Next up, bed time.

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