Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010.01.09 Satuday - Lake Tahoe

Leaving for Lake Tahoe today. Woke up early to catch an early flight. Slept a total of 2.2 hours before waking up and hopping into a car. Bleh.

Flew to San Diego, then to Reno. I got to Reno just fine; my bag did not. Thanks Southwest for losing just my and my mom's bags. You obviously know how to handle bags because the rest of my family got theirs just fine.

My brother and I got to drive a souped up Chevy Tahoe as a rental. 4WD just in case...ya know?

We ate at In-N-Out for lunch. Yum. Then checked into the condo, picked up some groceries, cooked up some dinner, and chilled. Traveling really takes energy right out of you.

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