Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009.12.31 Thursday - NYC

Fourth Day in NYC. New Year's Eve. It snowed overnight and into the morning, coating everything in a pristine white.

We had to make a snowman. Asparagus nose and cracker eyes, buttons made out of goldfish.

Went back by the Empire State Bldg. Ate some Wendy's, another travesty. Did some shopping, can't really figure out what I should get. Everything seems pricey and silly to get.

Went back to our place for the evening. Nobody is really sure what they want to do for the big drop. Kelc and I just decided to hop on 52nd and walk as far as time will take us, and see what happens. Well we heard a huge countdown crowd and screaming, and saw some explosions in the sky.

The other's stayed inside I think. Lame.

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