Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009.12.30 Wednesday - NYC

Third Day in NYC. Went to times square early. Don't really remember what for, but we walked around and looked at things.

Next up, WTC and nearby mall for lunch. The site of the world trade center is mostly bulldozers and construction stuff. Honestly, that's pretty pathetic that we don't have anything built there yet. 9 years. I think I heard that the empire state building went up in about a year.

Went to sky ride at the Empire State Building. Wasn't exactly worth the wait, but the experience was nice.

For dinner, half went to Q'doba and my half went to Mimi's Itallian Restarant. Thank goodness I did too. Roberta Flack was there soaking in the atmosphere. Chicken Delicious was our entertainment of the evening, quite the spectacle. We got some special treatment because we were from Texas and virgins.

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