Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009.12.28 Monday - NYC

Woke up nice and early; off to fly away.

Win. We all made it on the first flight out. Big apple, here we come.

Got to the airport, people were yelling at the baggage claim area. Good start for the trip.

There were a ton of taxis waiting for people, kinda sad but I guess there isn't any subway nearby so the taxis do get used.

Made it to our place, the guy was on his way. I don't really know how the dealings were dealt, but I guess I can't worry about it too much. We have a place to sleep and that's pretty darn valuable in this city (though I don't know why people would want this). We stayed at a place that was the 5th 6th and 7th floors of a "pre-war" town home. 5th floor had 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and a master bedroom. 6th floor had a kitchen and dining area, and a living room. 7th floor wasnt much of a floor, just a loft room.

We didn't stay around too long. Ran off to get our metro tickets and start exploring the city. Up first, Rockefeller. We went across the street to Pronto pizza for a quick bite before going up. There was also a huge Christmas tree outside, and a ice skating ring. Went to the top of the rock, a whopping 43 second elevator ride to an excellent view.

Ran over to times square to check out the scene. Things are pretty hectic everywhere. Toy'r'us has a ferris wheel inside. Insane.

We went to Niall's Irish Pub for dinner.

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