Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009.12.29 Tuesday - NYC

Second Day in NYC.

Such a long day yesterday, woke up pretty tired. Took the sub over to central park, but damn was it cold today. The pond we were near was frozen, some people were ice skating, snow piles were around. Brrrr! Didn't take us long to decide to go somewhere else to thaw out.

FAO Schwartz. The largest toy store. Pretty cool, but too many stuffed animals in my opinion. The lego batman was cool. The large piano is cool too.

Went to Pop Burger for lunch. Pretty tight, but a tad pricey. Next up, Museum of Natural History. There were tons of scenes with four legged creatues that look similar to dear. Guess that's all people felt like shooting. All the musical instruments that are from the different people of the world makes me want to make some sort of instrument. Took a pic with Olmec. One part I didn't like was the blatant blaming of climate change on humans. Pretty sure extinction and climate change is natural, and there hasn't been conclusive evidence that humans are at the heart of it so stop feeding the public your agenda. If extinction isn't natural, what happened to the dinosaurs? So what if it is sad, it fits your 'natural selection' model.

Sorry about my rant, but you can't be scientific if you just buy into whatever propaganda you hear.

Next up, dinner at Applebee's. Now that's a tragedy.

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