Thursday, October 1, 2009

2009.10.01 Thursday

October is here, along with the exciting long weeked. Hard to believe that we are in the last 1/4th of 2009. Oh snap, I need to start shopping for Xmas! I also need to use up my Music Lessons.

Etoufee with a twist today. Introduced 3 new people to the Little Deli. Pretty exciting.

So I'm kinda mad about something I noticed. 3 times today, I've encountered people who have the Jesus fish stuck on the back of their car, yet they all had road rage. Reach peace with your lord, and stop holding a knife to other's throats. Well that's how I like to look at it anyways; one small mistake and injury/death becomes a reality.

I'd also like to say that not all people with the fish on the bumper are crazy, I just find it somewhat ironic and you surely aren't setting a good example for others.

After work, went to see Blues Mafia at the Saxton Pub. Pretty awesome show. The performers were rather young, but their sound was very mature and experienced. Excellent.

Went out to a pub in Cedar Park, then headed home.

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