Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009.10.13 Tuesday

No money mo' problems?

Ate some microwavable chow mein thing for lunch. Could not have been all that healthy. To compensate, I drank a protein shake afterwards. Yum.

After lunch was a baby shower for a fellow coworker. I wish the couple best of luck, and will keep them in my prayers.

After work Hasbro and I went to Fry's to pick up some fancy shmancy new wireless network adapters. Dual-band, 802.11n, 5ghz, WPA2 yadda yadda yadda...

Later, went to get my hair cut at Too Hotties. I think for the price of the cut (about $18 on skinny tuesdays, $23 regularly), you get a great deal. They wash your hair, cut it, rinse, condition, scalp massage, style, then shave your neck with a straight blade. Cheapo places will only cut (butcher) your hair, and just dust you off with a brush instead of actually getting hair clippings off your head, and at a price only a few bucks cheaper. PLUS, Too Hotties has a pool table, a ps3, xb360, satellite tv, massaging chairs, and a FREE pb&j bar to eat from while you wait.

Played some games with JeW and did some research. Should have worked on some music, but it was getting pretty late.

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