Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2009.10.21 Wednesday

Chigga chigga what.

Woke up today in a puddle of my own sweat. Super sexy. I took some nighttime Zicam Cold and Flu stuff, and was completely knocked out until it wore off. Oh and surprise the fever is back and stronger than ever.

Time to set up an appointment with a doctor. Let's see how easy this goes. Would universal healthcare make this process any easier? Well, I felt like I had to give my information out over the phone about 3 times before they even considered setting up an appointment; that's kind of annoying. To set up an appointment all I said was "the earliest time you have available today" which happened to be 5 hours later.

I slept a good chunk of the time up until the appointment. Turns out my fever decided to fade away. Down to 96, wtf. Did a swab thing at the doctor's, definitely the flu, most likely of the swine variety (no way of knowing these days, but 90% of the cases are).

If that's all the swine flu has to offer, then I would say it's much weaker than the regular flu. I've had the regular flu over christmas one year, and I really wanted to die. This was mostly just making me tired.

My body is flip flopping on feeling sick. Time for sleep and lazy-ing around.

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