Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009.09.30 Wednesday

Big ol' hump day.

So person driving an Infinity M35 with license something like PF2-979: you are an idiot. Please stop wasting gas by poorly executing the already unsafe condition of tailgating. Not only should you back the F off people, but stop flooring the accelerator and then slamming on the brakes when you are a couple inches from the back bumper you are about to hit. I'll admit that there are a couple times where cutting things close in driving can save you a few minutes on a cross-town commute, but seriously chill out. Work is not that important. If you are late, they will not kill you. Deciding to drive like an A is putting yourself, and more importantly, innocent others in harms way.

I woke up fine today, but for some reason I just kept wanting to hit the snooze. Time to bust out some good ol' instant coffee. I totally weened myself off this stuff, and most high-fructose drinks.

Lunch today was some Yakisoba Spicy Chicken Flavored Noodles. I think it costs like $1.30, not bad. And the protein content wasn't too bad either. I'm sure the sodium levels were beyond standard detection methods.

Played some kickball after work. The game was tied up in the last inning 4-4. We were defense first so all we had to do was hold them to guarantee a tie. Well, one could say we let the ball drop on that. The final score... 4-10. :-(

Hot dogs and pb&j for dinner. Zzz.

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