Saturday, October 31, 2009

2009.10.30 Friday

Woke up reasonably late today. Went to Shipley's for breakfast, yum.

Sat around and watched TV. Then went to Schlotzsky's for lunch, also yum.

Then shopped at Walmart for some food and items that we needed. I forgot to bring my camera in case I saw somebody that I could post on

Headed out to the BrandNew/Thrice concert at Palladium Ballroom. We got there as Thrice was starting. Unfortunately, Thrice only played about 40 minutes, but it was an amazing 40 minutes.

Brand New came on and the crowd went wild. Well sorta wild. All of the newer songs of Brand New it seemed like the crowd was just staring at the band and not getting into the music. Of course all the Deja Entendu songs everybody sang along and really got into. Hint Hint Brand New, your new stuff isn't as accessible and people are just blindly following you. It also sounds like noise instead of music like it used to. I totally agree with letting an artist choose their musical direction, but when you just bank off of old, better stuff and produce crappier music now and still make money... I disagree with that.

Then went to Jack in the Crack for dinner. Semi-yum.

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