Monday, October 26, 2009

2009.10.25 Sunday

At the start of the day's games, a revelation soon hit me: I didn't update any of my Fantasy Football teams. Awesome. Looks like another week of losing for me. I still think Fantasy Football is silly. It's not like the players you have are actually playing, or even simulated playing together. It's just stats. How boring is that? Way to destroy the idea of sports and teamwork to achieve a greater goal.

Went out to Pluckers to watch the Steelers.

Then went home to say hi to the family and try to fix up a computer.

The over to Kelc's to watch Duplicity. Not one of the better movies I have seen, but it was ok. After that we all pitched in and cooked up some food, then sat down and played a game of hand 'n' foot.

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