Thursday, July 31, 2014

2014.07.26 Saturday

Lake day with the family.  Got there a bit earlier than everybody else.

Had to fill up the boat with gas, find all the activity items, load them up, get the boat started, and lower it into the water. I ended up driving since nobody else really wanted to.  My brother and sister tried cruising a bit in the open waters just to get a feel for it.

We went around the bend in the lake to do some kneeboarding.

Went back to the dock for refreshments and lunch.

Went for another cruise down the lake.

The boys went out for some extreme riding.

Dad cut up some watermelon, ended up being a hugh-jazz watermelon.  Tons leftover.

Home.  Tired

Picked up some Wendy's and watched BSG.  Kelc went to sleep around 9p.  I stayed up until about 10:15 and crashed.  Getting old.

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