Monday, April 28, 2014

2014.03.28 Friday

Off friday.  Woo hoo.  Made a trip to Home depot, then another Home Depot.  Can't find the right stuff.

Cooked up a lunch for Kelc and I, watched part of Dexter

Wrapped the water heater with a fiberglass jacket.  Very annoying to get that up.  Started doing some yard work, then realized my skin is itching because the fiberglass fibers are stuck in me as I dry up from evaporating sweat, causing a weird rash... time to stop everything and shower.  Little bit of a panic there, but wasn't too bad.  If I had to wait hours before showering, I would probably be extremely uncomfortable.

Finished up the yard work. Kelc left in the evening to spend some time out at the lakehouse.  This gave me time to look at my final exam. Le sigh.

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