Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014.04.11 Friday

Productive day.

Removed the blade from the lawnmower to sharpen it.  Replaced the air filter.  Tried to remove the spark plug, but I don't have the right tools.  Started caulking the windows, ran out of caulk.  Hung a ladder in the garage.

Sears to pick up some long sockets (for the spark plug) and a table saw blade. Home Depot to grab some sand paper and lots of caulk.  Tried to find some weather stripping that was recommended to me, but seems like they don't have any.  Went over to Lowes to see what they have, also didnt.  Stopped by CVS to pick up some mineral oil.

Back home.  Tried to finish up caulking the windows, and I ran out of caulk again.

Worked on the back flower bed / yard.

Started sanding down the cutting board.

Went in, decided to take a nice relaxing bath.  Watched some Louie and Austin Powers

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