Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014.02.01 Saturday

Today I forced myself to hunker down and get some school work out of the way.  It took a while to get started up, but I got a chunk done.

Kelc was on a mission to take care of some projects that she has put off for a while.  I ended up splitting my time between homework and assisting on some of those projects.

We left to go to the Texas Stars hockey game.  On our way, we stopped by her office to try and find a lost credit card, nope.  Turns out it was in her jacket pocket the entire time.

Arrived early to the game, got a nice bobble head, then some snack food from the concessions.  Great game with domination and fights.

Stopped by Texas Roadhouse on the way home for a delicious late dinner.

Watched some Dexter and called it a night.

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