Friday, October 31, 2014

2014.09.28 Sunday

Woke up semi early again.  Kelc and I went to Taco Shack for some breakfast tacos.  Nice to change things up a bit. Thought about going to a furniture store, but they weren't even open yet.

I watched the Steelers' game from home, Kelc watched the first half with Korey at Pluckers, then came home to finish.

After that upsetting loss, we went to a consignment store up north.  Everything seemed kinda off to me, compared to the other consignment store.  We have a better idea of what we like though, so that's nice.

Stopped by Sprouts for some groceries.  It always feels like shopping there is faster since the store is smaller.

Home, more football, more games, and more homework.

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