Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2009.09.29 Tuesday

Now walk it out.

Lots of impromptu meetings today. Not exactly what one desires, but hey it happens.

Went to the gym for lunch, been a few days since I did that. I decided to try and push my limits a bit. I did small sets on bench, but kept increasing the weight each set. I stopped adding weight at 135lbs and still did 4 reps with it. Here I had thought that I lost ground with my weightlifting abilities, but I suppose it isn't as bad as I thought originally. Nice to be able to bench your own weight comfortably :-) I also pushed myself to do a lot more ab workouts and some leg stuff.

It's a good thing I didn't read any news articles before working out. That USC guy dropped the weights on his neck and had to have emergency surgery. Probably would have died if his neck wasnt so muscular and had spotters to help him out. Maybe I should make sure somebody is around before I push my limits.

Made some Mac and Cheese box for dinner. Costing about 60 cents for the box, and maybe another 30-40 cents for the butter+milk. Also ate some chips and pickles. I'd say that I comfortably filled up on about 2 bucks. Wish I could convince myself to cook something decent, but at least I'm eating inexpensively.

Played some foosball, then went to get some groceries so I won't have to over the weekend. Somehow I came home with more food than previous trips to the store, but spent just a tiny bit more than usual.

Watched some of The Office and It's Always Sunny, then an early bed time for me.

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