Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2009.09.01 Tuesday

Dehydrated. That's the first thing that came to mind after my alarm went off. My mouth was dry, my eyes were dry, and my skin was dry. I don't remember being in a desert; what's up body?

Dry. The word of choice to describe most of my work day as well. Went to the gym to get back into routine. I missed all last week because I'm a slacker. Also had a meeting that was slightly on the weird side, but understandable.

Made some hamburger helper for dinner. Delicious! I felt like eating more and more but I'm sure my body would hate me, so halfway through I switched to carrots. Leftovers for tomorrow...

Finished tagging a folder of music I have with the album art and year and everything. I should feel accomplished, but meh. I also started writing more music. This current song I'm working on is slow and peaceful, almost puts you in a trance state.

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