Friday, September 25, 2009

2009.09.25 Friday

Ahoy, the end of yarrrrrr week is near. Buccaneer.

Lunch today: Zen Japanese Cuisine ~$8

Work, yawn.

Drove to Arlington after work. I expected we would be heading to the campsite shortly since we made awesome time, but I was wrong. We took our time, then went out to dinner, then went camping. We actually drove up to the campsite around 9:55 and the park closed at 10. Very nice.

Got our tent set up, got a good fire goin, got our s'mores roasting. Listened to the bug chirping. Somehow it felt like we were up all night, and we still went to bed at a reasonable time.


Kelcey said...

the park didn't close at 10...the guy said the gate was open all night and that he'd "be there to greet us whenever we decided to come back"

AndySk8inMan said...

there was a few huge signs there at the gate, one said the park closed at 10pm (but of course they have somebody there overnight in case of an emergency); the other sign said no campers under 18.