Monday, September 28, 2009

2009.09.28 Monday

I'm getting tired of waking up tired but going to bed feeling fine. Something has to be wrong with my ability to get quality sleep.

Work picked up today. Learned a good handful of information. I'm sure this week will get more crazy.

Lunch was a healthy choice beef pot roast soup. About two and a half dollars. I think it contained 270 calories for the whole container, and a fair amount of protein.
Dinner consisted of some green beans that I managed to mess up a little, some pepperoni pizza (feel like I've had this too much lately), and some tempties.

I met up with my family to pick up some stuff and socialize. I convinced my mom to learn how to drive a stick. Amazingly enough she didn't stall her first time going. Well done mother.

Dropped off some camping gear at Kelc's house, then was on my way home again. Feel like this week has a lot going on. Let the good times roll.

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