Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013.01.20 Sunday

Arrived at the hospital to climb into a bed.  Had three more people try to get an artery sample.  My arms have been stuck many times by this point.

They put me on some remote monitors, so if my heart starts to do something weird they can see it.  My chest ached all night, so I didn't get much sleep.  Kelc spent the night and powered through on a mini bed.

Woke up to more blood samples.  Didn't have much of an appetite for breakfast, but they brought me eggs, bacon, coffee, juice, and a muffin.

Mid morning, a lady came by with a fancy ultrasound machine. Normally these are used to look at the womb.  When looking at the heart, they call them Echo-cardiograms. To get a good picture, they have to jab the probe in between ribs.  It's not comfortable, but compared to everything else it was cakewalk.

Early afternoon, a cardiologist stopped by.  He only looked at the electro-cardiograms.  Everything looks "normal".  They weren't able to capture the event actually happening, so no definitive explanation of what caused the racing heart.  One theory: remnant flu symptoms and not fully recovering.  Another theory: extra wiring in the heart causing a type of feedback loop of electrical impulses.  Another theory: this is all a dream.

Family visited.  Kelc went home to get some time with Kitty, rest, recharge.

At some times throughout the day, lunch and dinner were served. I really didn't have an appetite, and felt like my heart could start racing at any moment, but I tried to eat something.  I'm probably going to lose weight from this visit.

Doctors came by in the evening to say that I'm not allowed to eat or drink after dinner, definitely not after midnight.  Gotta get some rest for a stress test in the morning.

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