Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012.12.18 Tuesday

Made it to work early.  Why you might ask? Well I'll tell you.  I had a phone interview for an semi-internal/semi-external position doing some work that is extremely similar to work I have already done.  Neat.  I've been out of the interview scene so long, I forgot how to sell myself.

Today was the annual "Holiday Graze".  A time of year when fellow coworkers come together in a sort of potluck, and everybody gets stuff and feels groggy all day.  Totally worth it.  This year my contributions were bacon rum balls and chocolate covered bacon.  The rum was pretty weak, I'll have to work on that next time.

Ended up working later than expected, probably because of the sluggishness from the graze. (Still worth it)

After work, stopped by the eye glasses place.  Started learning some info that I've never really had to bother with before.

Stopped by the mall for watch repair.  The girl working there was polite, but a tad askew.  I of course made things more awkward, totally my style.  The mall was actually quite busy, carolers singing something, children crying, the usual.

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