Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013.01.04 Friday

Woke up and performed my own oil change, but it started raining in the middle of it.  Sucks to be wet and cold and crawling under a car.  I think that is a cue for me to look into some other solutions....

Next up in the day: helping Habs with stage two of his sink project.  Went to Home Depot for a few more parts, stopped by Stuffed for some etoufee.  Not quite as good as Little Deli, but still darn good.

Made some leaps and bounds with the sink.  Hit a bit of snag when started getting caulk all over when some clamps weren't fitting right.  We made it work.  Mark came over, we had (jersey attitude) pizza, watched some of the cotton bowl, and finished up sink stuff.

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