Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013.01.19 Saturday

Woke up to some texts from my parents about a day trip to some property in the family.  Sounds like fun, so I got up, got dressed, and drank a cup of coffee while playing some games.

Here's where things took a weird turn.

I started feeling funny.  My chest felt funky (it had been for the past few days, but I attributed that to phlegm remnants from the flu).  When I checked my heart rate, sure enough it was cruising along at something like 160bpm.  This was quite alarming, so I kind of started panicking.  Probably didn't help at all.  I started pacing around the house and trying to focus on calm, deep breaths to bring the heart into check, all while waiting for my parents to arrive to pick me up.

When they arrived, I explained that I wasn't feeling well and we should hang out for a bit to see what is happening.  In the meantime I hooked up my running heart rate monitor to keep an eye on the rate.  Took me about an hour to come down to a normal pace.  While we were chatting and waiting around, my dad received a text from a family relative explaining that they had other plans for the day, so we wouldn't be able to get through the gates to the property anyways.

Decided to ride over with my parents to their house.  Spent the day there, ate some soup and watched TV.  Heart doing fine.

Went to Salsas for dinner.  Everything going fine until the conclusion of the meal.  My heart started pounding again.  Wtf.  My parents and I both agreed that this isn't normal, and that we should probably get to a clinic. Luckily there is a clinic not that far down the road...oh but closes early on weekends.  Fffffffff...

At this point, I'm riding around town with a heart rate monitor beeping between 180-185, my limbs are going numb, and I think I'm dying.

Ended up in the Emergency room.  Numerous doctors/nurses poked and prodded things into my arms, put stickers on my chest, and told me their names.  Everything happened so fast, hard to really remember what happened when.  Eventually they pumped some sort of full-body sedative into a vein.  Things started calming down, except for the heart rate.  The highest they captured my heart rate was at 165.  When I left, I was still pumping around 130.  Chest ached a lot.

They decided to send me over to another hospital where they have cardiologists.  That means...Ambulance ride.

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