Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012.03.16 Friday

I had some goals for the day.

Goal 1: Take a few hours to work on the volleyball court. Try to cut out some of the encroaching grass, rake out some junk, and re-level the playing field.

Goal 1 Result: The campus security reluctantly said I should go home. Their boss ended up not wanting me to be there, or fix up the property for free. Whatevs man, whatevs. I got in a few hours anyways and was getting pretty tired. I also forgot gloves so I have a pretty blister.

Goal 2: Take some measurements and adjust the power consumption of the TV/Media server I have running in another room.

Goal 2 Result: Initially the server was consuming about 142 watts; I got that down to 82 watts. How? you might ask. Well, I did a few odd ball things. I disconnected the optical drive, I took out the tv card that wasn't working, and I removed the graphics card. (Yeah, the computer is now completely "headless" and maybe even "neckless" because you can't even connect a monitor). In addition to the unplugging of unnecessary devices, I underclocked the processor. Originally it was running at 3.0Ghz (200Mhz bus with an x15 multiplier) and I took that down to 2.25Ghz (150Mhz bus). That should also reduce the amount of heat billowing out of the system. I actually tinkered with going down to 1.5Ghz, but I felt like I was killing the potential of the processor at that point. Maybe at some point this machine will be doing some transcoding. Maybe not.

Goal 3: Drive to BCS.

Goal 3 Result: Had a slow start, and had to loop back around to take care of some things forgotten, but we made it while the night was still young.

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