Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012.03.03 Saturday

Awoke early with Kelc. Then went home and almost back to sleep.

Installed some Qt applications on my linux lappy. Hoping to pick up a thing or two about GUIs.

Searched for some houses online. Feels like I'm seeing a lot of the same ones for the same price, and a few new ones that are over priced. I know this is going to happen, but nothing really fits my criteria.

Went out to the lakehouse with Kelc, Kor, and Celeste.

The water level is still super low, but according to the news it has actually come up quite a bit. To give you a point of reference (sort of), the anchor from their old dock that kept a line out towards the middle of the lake was about 20 feet from the shore...on dry land.

Cooked up a big meal with Kelc's mom.

Back home, sleepy time.

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