Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012.03.10 Saturday

Woke up, went straight for the coffee. Mmmm. Once the bacon was cooked, the boys left for a boys-only outing for brunch to Los Pinos. I wasn't really that hungry, but the one breakfast taco I had was delicious, and the chips+salsa were pretty good.

Worked on some applications, searching, linux media server, stuff around the house and laundry.

Met up with happy couple, Paul and J+A. Watched some of Tron Legacy and chatted. I finally was able to give those Adio skate shoes to Ray. They have been sitting around unused for way too long. Such a travesty.

Off to Kerbey Lane. (It's borderline tradition now.) We went for an appetizer-heavy approach: double order of sweat potato fries, kerbey queso, and I added a soup to that.

Back to Paul's, played some Beatles Rock Band. Felt like I haven't played rockband/guitarhero in forever. Back home by... super late. Thanks daylight saving.

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