Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009.07.14 Tuesday

Annnnnnd my finger hurts. Jammed it trying to catch a bullet. It's turning some awesome purpley and swelling up. I also can't straighten it or flex it all the way anymore. Feels like I'm falling apart these days.

Well, I heard through the grapevine something silly. Turns out this work that I've been getting lots of pressure to deliver has the potential to be actually used in maybe 2-3 weeks. They thought it might be put to use by today or tomorrow, WRONG. I've only been working more than 9.5hrs most days, thanks work.

Today was mostly a rest up day. I ran a quick errand to the bank to sign more paperwork on a pre-approved car loan so I can use that to bargain better rates from the dealership, or just avoid them altogether. They also went over some other deals they could offer me that the dealership will try to push after some numbers are already set. I'm learning so much through this process.

Kelc's sister has 2 baby chicks now. They squeak. And poop. We watched a bunch of Arrested Development, then went to try this new place called Berry Cool. They have like 12 flavors of frozen yogurt, then all the toppings you could think of, and you only get charged by weight. Only other location in the world is in California. After that, more A.D. Got all the way to the 3rd (and final) season. The show really picks up in the second half of the second season. It really sucks that ratings kept dropping because of how hard it was for new veiwers to catch on.

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Kelcey said...

Kelcey got the second chick.

Sunny is mine and Kevin's, but more mine.