Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009.07.21 Tuesday

Well alrighty then. Yeah sure I'll be at work at almost two hours early. Why? So I can take Kelc to the airport. *yawn*

Yeah work was boring, as usual. A meeting or two, construction, gym time.

After work is when the excitement started. Hasbro and I went to the Roger Beasley Volvo dealership to check out a Mazda3 that looks to have just about everything I want. Well funny thing happened... they sent it off to a dealer car auction. They are trying to get rid of it right when I'm showing interest in it. VERY FUNNY YOU GUYS. Whatevs though. If they don't want my business, so be it. At least I'm getting a feel for how car dealerships work.

After that, went home and did laundry, cleaned my room some, wrote some music, and other various activities. And wow, in bed by midnight.

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