Monday, July 27, 2009

2009.07.24 Friday - Bought a Car

Well, the goal today is to finish the car deal process. Last night I went and signed some papers so I could take the car home as a 'loaner' vehicle until we wrap up everything. Driving it home was a bit nerve wracking, but amazingly I never stalled. Then I went out with the boys to Ginger Man. Probably the last time I'll drive the Mustang.

Today I woke up to take the new car into the mechanic. Then I cleaned out the truck and gave it a decent washing, drove that to the dealership only to find that they were going to offer enough money for it. Drove that back and went home to grab dinner.

Later I drove back to the dealer to finish up the deal. It's funny that they told me a feature was going to be on the car, the ability to play MP3 CDs, but when I tried it out it clearly was not a feature. Checked out the appraisal for that feature alone... hmm just a FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS. First off, thats pretty ridiculous that something like that would cost so much. Second, I was told the car had it and it doesnt, so I'm not paying for it. Told the dealer to chops at least a couple hundred off the price and we're good. Of course, he showed some fake drama to make me feel like I was ruining his day or asking him to do something extremely hard. Whatevs man. Whatevs.

Signed a ton of papers, wrote a fat check and stalled my way right out of that parking lot. Yay, I finally own a car... wait no I don't. Yay, my bank owns a car that I'm making payments on. Yay years of slavery making payments.

Went home, tired as heck. Andy is growing up.

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