Monday, July 27, 2009

2009.07.25 Saturday

Kelc and I did some quick 3d drawings in sketchup for a house-on-stilts design. Maybe something a small animal could nest in. Helped her design something simple and minimize materials and cuts.

Then she left while I gave my family a ride around in my very first car.

I went over to Kelc's house to help assemble this house idea. I managed to forget everything about the design and kept asking people what goes where and what needs to be cut. My brain must be chicken-fried or something.

Met up with Ray and his brother so see Moon. Low budget, but still an awesome movie. See, I'm the kind of guy that likes movies that put you in situations that encourage you to think about it. I also liked how they answered most of the questions from the trailer by mid-movie, instead of just having one major ending. Pretty sweet movie. One of the messages that I got from the movie is how easily we can all be sheep in society, and sometimes we need a huge slap in the face to wake up. People fall too easily into a comfort zone and just live a happy little life and just go with the flow. Our founding fathers never went with the flow.

Anyways, went to Spider House and Thundercloud Subs after that. Then over to Amanda's apartment. Very nice apartment.

And... exhausted.

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