Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009.04.20 Monday

So last night while driving home, I could swear a couple times that I saw a "shooting star", or really 'crap from outer space falling through the atmosphere really fast and destroying itself'. I also thought that, hmm maybe its late and I'm just seeing headlight glare on the windshield.

Then this morning, I'm driving to work and I see a really bright, really close shooting star. This thing looked like it was heading for the Cedar Park High School area. This thing was super bright too. It went from like a bright greenish yellow, to bluish white. It was actually a rather amazing sight since the sun was rising off in the distance, so no other stars were visible.

Makes you wonder if that is that space-junk NASA has been talking about. Or even alien space craft. Or poop from a 747.

Well, happy April Twentieth?

Work consisted of a meeting with a guy that was a bit too excited about the material to take him seriously. So naturally, I started to rest my eyes and my mind.

I got home later than expected because I went to go find easter eggs. I found one, and somehow one is still missing. (If you find a green one with three holes on the end, let me know)

I ran some errands and sat around for most of the time I had left over for the evening.

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