Thursday, April 16, 2009

2009.04.15 Wednesday

Awesome, so here's how the day played out...

I started off the day thinking about how I ordered a vinyl set back in like November or December, and it's expected delivery was over a month ago... so I sent the manufacturer and email just saying "hey guys, any updates?"

Then I started focusing on the kickball game that was going down tonight. I was actually worried we wouldn't have enough girls, so I was considering recruiting my sister. Decided to ask her after work.

Then on my way home from work my brother called me asking if I wanted pizza for dinner, and I said sure as long as it will be coming soon because I have stuff to do and a kickball game to get ready for.


So I get home, my brother hasnt even placed the pizza order yet. FAIL#1 Something about my mom not wanting to order until my dad was off the phone...just lame.

Then I went to ask my sister about playing kickball. I said "hey, what are you doing tonight?" she says "oh not much, just hanging around and playing kickball" -oh snap- Turns out she's playing against my team tonight. We just magically signed up for the same league without knowing. FAIL#2

Finally, I walk into my room and there's a box on my bed. -surprise- it's that vinyl set that I ordered from forever ago. Typical that it would show up the day I decide to send an email to the manufacturer. FAIL#3

And that's how the story goes. A triple play of fail.
Our team barely lost the kickball game. It was a good warmup game. Now we know what to focus on and do next time. Habibi got pegged in the face, Ronron twister her ankle - our team is full of complete dedication to the sport.

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