Monday, April 6, 2009

2009.04.05 Sunday

By mid-afternoon yesterday, I felt like I had been all over town. I went to the record thing, I went to Spyder House to meet up with Chris (awesome piano btw), then I went to Andrew/Emily's party, then to wrap it all up I went over to Justin's brother's place.

Today, I woke up and then went to the Oragne+White scrimmage at UT. We won.

After that we went to Mighty Fine Burgers. It's pretty much like P.Terry's or In-N-Out, but with its own style.

I could definitely tell that I'm burnt; the next few days are going to be amazing.

Well, I set up a record player and receiver and speakers. The sound is completely different than anything on the computer. I really want to look into trying out some tube-amps and upper-level turntables.

Besides trying to update my computer and rearranging my room, the evening was mostly uneventful and short.

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