Monday, February 23, 2009

2009.02.22 Sunday

My body sprang to life around 6am. I drank some water and walked around a bit. I sat on the new couch and looked out the window at a sight I have not seen before, the sunrise in Arlington. Honestly, that's probably the nicest side of the town I have seen; a peaceful innocence, and a warming glow. I laid down and Turtle snuggled up next to me for warmth.

I kept waking up randomly in the morning. I think I had some weird nasal drainage going on. I went to wake up Kelc -- she had a headache so I let her go back to sleep.

We went to WaffleHouse for lunch. Sometime in the afternoon my mom called to see how things were going to inform me that my dad's uncle has passed away. He had a long life, and has probably been battling lots of problems these last couple of years. I'm sure lots of arrangements are still being made.

Everybody teamed up and went to Applebee's for dinner, Kelc's choice obviously. Soon after I left for home.

I then met up with Ray at Kerbey Lane. He asked me one of those big questions that you don't know to answer - hopefully my answer was the right one. Oh, and his gakken is awesome.

Sweet, in bed by 2:30

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