Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009.02.01 Sunday

Woah now, January is already over? Sheesh.

Woke up in college station and managed to pack my junk and head out on the road at a decent time. The happy couple had family coming over and I really just needed to get out of the way.

The drive home was a lot quicker, probably because you can go 70 in the day instead of 65 at night.

Kelc called me a few times, from the SUPER BOWL. How awesome. That must have been a really amazing experience.

I went over to Justin/Habibi/Travis's to watch the game. The commercials were only marginally entertaining this year. Congratulations Steelers, the official champions of the super bowl.

Then the "hour long" episode of the office came on. It felt like they stuck a lot more commercials in that episode.


Kelcey said...

you spelled Steelers wrong


they are the best team ever, you know?

AndySk8inMan said...

well somehow the built-in dictionary felt like "steelers" was misspelled, and "steerlers" was not.

and yeah, they are the best team to bandwagon like some people did...

Kelcey said...

jerkface :P