Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009.02.04 Wednesday

so today i was driving to work on 183. this dude in a ford explorer comes speeding up behind me and has to slow down. (im in the left-most lane, which happens to be moving the fastest, but still not speeding, and there was a car in front of me). anyways, we are near the I35 exits, in which there is 2 lanes for 183 and 1 exit lane for I35. most people from the middle lane end up scooting over to the right lane for the exit, leaving that lane clear. well the ford explorer guy plans on taking advantage of this and speeds up to pass me and fly by in the middle lane. so he goes zooming by me, but then has to slam on his brakes because there were people in the middle lane that hadnt scooted over for the exit.... i have no idea how he didnt see those cars with my car being so short. so plan fail number 1 for speed guy. eventually he gets around those cars somehow and moves to pass me again from that middle lane. he goes flying by easily at about 85mph and begins to take the next exit, which happens to be 290. then the guy in front of me also decides to take the 290 exit, but all the way from the left lane. i was like "wtf is going on" because of him pulling across 3 lanes to exit. --well it turns out the car that was right in front of me was a cop. withing seconds of making the exit, he was mostly caught up to the ford explorer guy and had his lights flashing. hell yes, thats what you get for drivign like a dick. the thing i dont understand is how an unmarked police car can pull people over though. oh well.

true story.

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Kelcey said...

"withing seconds of making the exit,"

"thats what you get for drivign like a dick"