Monday, February 23, 2009

2009.02.20 Friday

I like how yesterday felt like Friday... now the weekend just feels awesomely long.

Kelc left for school, and before I knew it, was back. We left to grab some taco B and bring it back to Linds. Then we kinda just sat around for a while.

Linds hadn't slept last night, and had just given a presentation, so when she came home, she crashed. Kelc and I left to do some shopping. We planned out a stir-fry meal and a skittles experiment. We woke up Linds for dinner; it was delicious.

The skittles experiment consisted of splitting a 1 lb bag of skittles into the respective colors, then mixing those into bottles of a specific amount of vodka, then shaking fiercely. The skittles needed to dissolve completely, so that had to sit overnight. The colors look pretty.

We also stopped by the movie store to rent Hot Rod and Psycho, but they didn't have psycho. I find that really hard to believe.

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