Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012.05.02 Wednesday

Sluggish getting out of bed, but fine once I got started.

Nothing terribly out of the ordinary for work.  Finally had a volleyball lunch, and it was amazing.  3 very close games.

Last class today, with an extra special dinner of Donn's BBQ.  Delicious and filling.

Went home, then met up with Kelc to work on her bike so I can ride around with somebody.  Her front tire looked fine, but the back was really flat.  I tried moving the tire around to see if there were any issues and the valve stem fell out.  Oops. Off to wal-mart to pick up a new tube and some tire levers.  I used to change tubes with a flat head screwdriver and mistakenly punctured a few tubes that way.  I feel like 3 dollars is a decent investment, even if the tool is so simple.  Replaced the tube, adjusted the handlebar, adjusted the brakes, and did a quick wipe-down and this baby is good to go.  Only problem now: it's dark outside.

Back at home, sat around and looked at home listings to try and figure out if I want to see anything this weekend.

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