Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012.04.24 Tuesday

No carpool today.  Makes the morning drive a little more sleepy.

Work was rather productive.  Only a few interruptions and a huge chunk of coding accomplished.  It's not often that I get to do that much software work (weird, because my title is Software Engineer).

Picked up some Double Dave's pizza on the way home.  They still have the 2-for-Tuesday deal on pepperoni rolls.  Brings back awesome (and not awesome) memories of college days.

Kelc came over for a bit to hang out, then left for trivia.  I went to run some errands.  At Autozone, I got into a discussion about brake pads with one of the guys that works there.  He said replacing brakes is pretty easy, and machining the rotors can be done for like $15 at a shop, just recommended that I get the Haynes manual to I don't run into any issues.  I've heard good things about Haynes manuals, lots of pictures, step-by-step for everything, and list of tools you will need.  Might be worth the investment if I want to do most things myself.  (And it gives me an excuse to get more tools.)

Home, watched some Daily Show and Colbert Report, then sleep.

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